TOSHIBA 4K Smart TV 55 Inch VIDAA Floating Full Screen Built-In Receiver 55C350KV

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TOSHIBA 4K Smart VIDAA Frameless Floating Full Screen Ultra HD 55 Inch
With REGZA 4K processor
Connect with wired and wireless internet
Netflix application
Country of origin : Egypt
2 Years full free warranty


Main Features


TOSHIBA 4K Smart VIDAA Frameless Floating Full Screen LED TV
Screen size : 55 Inch
Resolution : 3840 x 2160 ( 4K , Ultra HD )
Aspect ratio : 16:09
Viewing Angle : 178°
Japanese Design
Visual :-
Video engine : REGZA 4K
Visual technology : Dolby vision
Color Remaster
Wide Color Gamut
HDR 10+ decoding
Ultra Essential PQ technology
AI Picture optimizer
Super contrast booster
4K Resolution+
4K Digital noise reduction
4K Gardation correction
4K Brilliance restoration
Precision adaptive Resolution+
Sports mode
Picture modes : Standard - Dynamic - Cinema Day - Cinema Night - Sports - Automatic
Broadcasting type : Digital ( DVB-T2/T/C/S2/S )
Gaming :-
Games mode
Ultimate motion
Auto low latency mode
Audio :-
Sound technology : REGZA power audio
Sound technology : Dolby audio, Dolby atmos
Sound modes : Standard - Music - Speech - Latenight - Theater - Sports - Automatic
Speaker output : 8 Watt x 2
System and features :-
Operating system : Smart VIDAA (U6)
- Fast and responsive
- Rich library of App and content
- Art frame
Voice control
Content sharing
Screen sharing
Smartphone remote control through VIDAA TV application
Universal search
App store
Web browser
Communication with YouTube
Netflix application
Shahid VIP
Prime Video application
EPG schedule
Playback format
Sleep timer
Time Shift feature
Multilingual OSD
USB : Video - Photos - Music
Connectivity :-
Rf In : 1 ( Digital )
Video In : 1
USB (2.0) : 1
USB (3.0) : 1
With built-In receiver
WiFi technology : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac,2.4G/5G
Bluetooth (BT5.0)
LAN : 1
Headphone socket ( 3.5 mm ) : 1
Power :-
Automatic voltage regulator : AC 100-240 Volt
Power consumption : 130 Watt
Standby : ≤0.5 Watt
Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm :-
Without Base : 1232 x 711 x 74 
With Base : 1232 x 758 x 236 
Weight :-
Net weight : 11.6 kg
Gross weight : 17 kg
Country of origin : Egypt
Warranty : 2 Years full free warranty



Designed in Japan

Philosophy of “Essential Beauty”

TOSHIBA TV pursues the philosophy of “Essential Beauty” which is made based on the horizontal and vertical lines in the living space, it makes the living room look stylish by merging into its surroundings

Pure Metal Stand

Elegant Design with Strong Pure Metal Stand

The TV applies pure anodized metal to deliver a gorgeous look while retaining a strong , rugged build


Make the TV more stable and safer to protect your family

If the TV is not installed securely, it may lean or fall over and cause an injury. Toshiba TVs come with Anti-tip Clip that help secure the TV to wall or furniture to make the TV more stable and safer to prevent a Flat Screen TV from tipping over


Massive display with the smallest screen edge

The Full Screen Display pushes the limits of the display to provide you much wider viewing experience with maximum contents and boundless beauty


Unbelievably thin, detailed craftmanship

The sleek , elegant and minimalistic design stands out in every detail
A perfect design for your lifestyle

   Picture Quality



High performance 4K picture for heart-shaking excitement

REGZA Engine High Grade optimizes picture quality beyond Full HD capability, no matter what content you watch, letting you get great picture quality with a fantastic viewing experience

Ultra HD ( 4k )

Experience the striking 4K Clarity

Four times resolution of Full HD and four times the detail. With TOSHIBA 4K TV, you can enjoy uncompromisingly crisp, clear and immersive images with professional theater quality


Astonishing viewing with ultra vivid picture

Dolby Vision automatically optimizes your content scene-by-scene to make the most of your TV's display capabilities, deliver true-to-life images, and make everything you watch with vivid details and colours

Dolby VISION.Atmos

Amazing realism that you'll see, hear, and feel

Combine Dolby Vision HDR imaging with Dolby Atmos sound to get engaging audio visual performance, transforming your TV into an entertainment powerhouse with detailed images and acoustics, so as to achieve amazing realism that you'll see, hear, and feel like never before. That is, your truly spectacular home entertainment


Original color, original beauty as real

Without proper color, picture quality is not complete as ultimate. Color Re-master Pro is there to restore the original color of original image as natural and colorful as it should be. Fully realistic picture quality reaches your vision


Al Real-time Scenario-specific Optimization

Al Picture Optimizer technology instantly captures every frame of the picture with inteligent recognition of up to 11 real-timescenarios (e.g. face, building, snowing, indoor lighting, etc.), to make the viewing experience as real as possible based on the recognized scenarios. Let you get the most out of your contents with intelligently tailor-made picture quality


Upscale your contents to near-4K reality

Toshiba's unique upscaling technology provides the near-4K level picture quality for Full HD content. Instead of simply replicating every pixel, it intelligently detects the colors of neighboring pixels and decides the proper color of each pixel by considering the detailed texture of the real sight. No matter what the content is, you can enjoy every scene with the amazing clarity of near-4K quality

Ultra Essential PQ TECHNOLOGY

Detailed as real. Colorful as real

Ultra Essential PQ Technology analyzes every pixel of each scene, and adjusts picture parameters, to dig out the maximum potential details and reproduce stunning picture quality. It offers you the great viewing experience


Make every detail more visible

Show mote details of the image via richer color performance and brightness adjustment, and enhance color levels with consistent color saturation and detail, more vividly viewing experience whatever you're watching


Lifelike visual beauty to more detail expression

Enjoy more breathtaking details in any environment through accurately deeper contrasts and improved brightness based on scene by scene optimization, delivering a rich, dynamic, and realistic picture that feels like it is jumping off the screen

HDR Restoration

Better HDR restoration

During Camcoder's recording process, the high bright areas are compressed to avoid the contrast saturation. With HDR restoration, every image is restored and optimized to get full display of color and brightness, making true-to-life images

Auto View PRO

The best theater experience with amazing picture in any ambient lighting condition

Intelligent Auto View Pro, as Toshiba's latest innovation in picture quality, provides picture settings that are very close to professional theater quality through analyzing signal and ambient lighting conditions, bringing amazing picture wherever you are watching

ICare Blue

Eye Care for Next Generation

TOSHIBA TV's icare blue technology effectively decreases the level of blue light and flickering picture, as well as safeguards your eyes from blue light's potentially harmful effects. It brings more comfortable visual experience with amazing pictures


Restore the fine texture of images

The Texture Restoration algorithm restores the fine texture of images, with the process of optimizing an input image, to level up the truly expression of details, and achieve the near-4K level precision



Fully restore the brilliance

TOSHIBA TV's 4K Brilliance Restoration technology analyzes images by dividing and restoring the brilliance, to reproduce the brightness of the realistic sight. Therefore, there is more natural 4K brilliance in each scene


Restore Images with the Natural Depth and Precision

The precision adaptive resolution+ dynamically adjusts the appropriate precision of each part of the images with a comprehensive analysis. This restores both the natural depth and the precision to the image, pulling out the realistic and atmosphere of each scene

Ultra HD Gradation Correction

Real time Correction to Luminance and Colors

Dynamically analyze 4K Image and correcting luminance and colors , coming out the realistic expression and beauty of the original image. Make you feel that details are seen perfectly

Sports Mode

Catch every detail in immersive action

Sports mode is tailor-made for sports contents, in particular the fast moving actions. the algorithm is set up to fully show details of the game on TV. and the unrivaled clarity takes you to every exciting moment. just cheer up for the game the way it touches you


See vivid, clear picture at any position

Wide Viewing Angle enables you to enjoy your TV with accurate color and more clear details, no matter where you sit, so you'll always have a great viewing experience



Game Mode

Bring You "IN" to the Game Scene

It's "REAL" with Toshiba's smart TV, pulling out the maximum potential of the rendering capability to make everything look real and lively, as if taking you into a real gaming battleground.
It's "QUICK" with optimized FIFO memory control technology, minimizing the input latency to produce stunning images and responsive gameplay


Deliver crisp and clear images for fast-action sequences

Ultimate Motion reduces blur in fast moving scenes with MEMC
(motion estimate and motion compensation), offering crisp and clear images for fast action sequences. Its smooth viewing experience puts you into the scene

Level up your gaming

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) allows the ideal latency setting for smooth, lag-free and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity, supporting responsive to get a gaming advantage

HDMI High Defination Multimedia Interface

The Maximum Bandwidth Capability Makes More

The latest HDMI significantly increases the maximum bandwidth capability up to 48Gbps, and even more when compression is used, offering higher resolution, faster refresh rates, and higher audio quality with eARC, and br- inging you a fluid, tear free 4K gameplay experience at 120 fps

Bring you "IN" to the game scene

It's "REAL" with Toshiba's Smart TV, pulling out the maximum potential of the rendering capability to make everything look real and lively, as if taking you into a real gaming battleground
It's "QUICK" with optimized FIFO memory control technology, minimizing the input latency to produce stunning images and responsive gameplay.
In addition, it supports many gaming features such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and eARC. With the combination of Ultimate Motion, breathtaking reality and excitement make your gaming experience unforgettable

   Sound Quality



Enjoy well-balanced sound for more excitement

REGZA Power Audio enables you to hear sound as if you are right there in the scene. Sound comes from the dual 12W ''clear direct speakers", letting you hear more realism for truly well balanced sound experience


A sound that Puts you Inside the Action

Elevate your entertainment with the remarkable Dolby Atmos to take your favorite movies, shows, and games to the next level. Step into the action for an immersive surround sound experience like no other


Make sound rich, clear, powerul

Movies, TV shows, sports, music-the entertainment you love is even better when you hear it in Dolby Audio, to deliver authentic listening experiences without compromise, and help you get more from all of your entertainment


Enjoy more with an immersive audio experience

DTS Virtual X technology delivers virtual height, multi-channel virtual surround sound in addition to bass and dialog enhancement, creating an immersive audio experience in any room, and fully elevating the enjoyment of what you are watching


Wireless Connection to your Unlimited Entertainment

Wirelessly connect your TV to your headphones or speakers via bluetooth, to get an audio experience that you desire without disturbing your families or friends with different sound demands

   Smart Features



Best glocal content in one place

VIDAA has a vast library of content from the most popular global apps, including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, NBA League Pass, Deezer, and Kidoodle, to local service providers in every market where VIDAA is available. From Freeview Play in the UK, Molotov TV in France, and Stan in Australia, you can find over 200 apps


One-click access to the most popular global and local

applications Directly access Netflix and other services on your VIDAA Smart TV, even when your TV is Standby. One-click of the direct access button wakes up the TV and launches the application

Remote Voice Control

Press the button and speak

Control your TV by simply pressing the mic button on the remote control and saying your command. VIDAA tv will listen and respond to your every need


Zoom in small screen on big screen

Get fun from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV with screen sharing. From the mobile screen to your TV, fully enjoy your favorite photos, music, videos, games, and even content from an app


Enjoy your content on big screen

Make the entertainment you love from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV. Meanwhile, you can do something else while casting your favorite contents. It's easy to get all


Free content in one place

Try out VIDAA FREE and VIDAA tv to enjoy the best free content out there


One of the fastest and most responsive smart TV platforms on the market

With a short power-up and boot-up time, you no longer have to wait to watch your favorite show. It takes less than 2 seconds after you click the power-on button on the remote for you to start enjoying your favorite content



Use your smartphone to manage your TV


The new VIDAA smartphone app for android and IOS pairs seamlessly with your VIDAA tv via WIFI allowing you to manage your accounts, save favorites, and stream content to your tv



Set up your screen saver with artwork from talented creators from all over the world

VIDAA ART offers hundreds of million pieces of art in collaboration with DeviantArt. Go beyond classic paintings, find a new style, or share your own artwork


Universal Search


Access any content in any app using a simple search on the TV itself


Dual Band 2.4 G - 5 G

Faster Wifi Speed up to 5G Bandwidth

Faster speed and more steady connection to link your TV with the internet, to enjoy instant access to your favorite live TV, video streaming, apps and games without stutter

Various connectivity upscales your entertainment

Provide full-stack, fit-for-purpose solutions aimed at specific connectivity needs, for example, playing music via wireless Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and TV, making entertainment with more possibilities


Create an environment-friendly life

Toshiba TV is committed to playing a leading role in helping establish a sustainable society. Toshiba TVs get ROHS certified, which aims at restricting the use of hazardous materials, and is designed to have little damaging effect on the environment. The pursuit of Toshiba TV is to create a better earth environment and life

Technical Specs
Product Model55C350KV
Product Situation In MarketContinuous Production
Type4K TVs, Smart TVs
Size55 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K - Ultra HD)
Broadcasting TypeDigital ( DVB-T2/T/C/S2/S )
TV Operating SystemVIDAA (U6)
View Angle178ْ
Energy Efficiency Class-
Dimensions Without Base ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm1232 x 711 x 74
Dimensions With Base ( Width X Height X Depth ) mm1232 x 758 x 236
Net Weight11.6 Kg
Gross Weight17 Kg
Country Of OriginEgypt
Warranty2 Years full free warranty
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