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The Japanese Sony LEDs by Egyptian Hands

Elaraby announced a cooperation with Sony world wide in terms of TV. Screens manufacturing locally in Egypt for the first time in Sony history.


Best Water Heaters in Egypt 2019

There is no doubt that the most important aspect of the electrical water heater for the customers is the safety, and Tornado Electrical Water Heater.


Toshiba has released their latest version of 4k Android LED TV

Toshiba has released their latest version of 4k Android LED TV screen with the distinguished feature of voice operating and interactive system with 88 global language.


New Hoover Clothes Dryers

Elaraby Group recently unveiled its latest home appliances by introducing the Hoover tumble dryer in the Egyptian market. The Italian-style dryer features an innovative inner drum design that gives the best result and care of clothes.


Elaraby 5th Annual Convention for Foreigner Suppliers

Aswan is hosting Elaraby 5th  Annual Convention for Foreigner Suppliers in partnership with 150 global firms.In presence of Eng. Ahmed Abdel Razik, Chief of Industrial Development Organization.


New Tornado Dishwasher From Elarby Group

Elaraby Group has announced the launch of the Tornado dishwasher for the first time in the Egyptian market. The dishwasher models are equipped with a screen for programs and malfunctions.


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