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plasmacluster ion technology protection

Plasma Cluster technology is a unique technology because of its benefits and positive impact in our daily life as it keeps your home air clean and free of microbes and suspended impurities because it contains three filters (dust filter, active carbon filter to remove bad odors from home and HEPA filter which is for an additional protection from bacteria).

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How to buy the best televisions online

Online purchase methods differ, especially when purchasing electrical devices such as credit card payments, bank transfers and transfer companies such as Fawry and others. It is a lot easier in these days to process the online purchase, but there are often many concerns that may dominate the decision of the buyer when purchasing basic electrical devices ( TV ), such as the fear of stealing the credit card through the some fake websites or the product does not arrive for any reason, the missing of a guarantee with the sold product, the arrival of the product with a malfunction, difference between of the product specifications and its description on the website, in all cases the solution is to be careful when dealing with websites and choice known and reliable websites from their source and provide all means of safety and find the appropriate description for the products.

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Celebrating 55 years of Seiko diver’s watches, three legends are re-born in Prospex

55 years ago, Seiko introduced its, and Japan’s, first ever diver’s watch. With an automatic movement and water resistance to 150m, it proved its reliability when it was used by members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. In the years that followed, Seiko created many other diver’s watches that found favor with professional divers and adventurers alike, thanks to their high quality and reliability.

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Tornado Ceramic Heaters: New products from ELAraby Group

Our need increases in the winter to obtain heating from different sources, such as heaters. With the development of technology, electric appliance companies have created different types of heaters, like oil heaters and ceramic heaters. Ceramic heaters are characterized by new modern shapes and high levels of safety.

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La Germania the best Italian cooker in Egypt

La Germania cookers are considered one of the oldest types of cookers in the world and La Germania is an Italian company that produces modern gas cookers with international specifications and standards. The Italian product is distinguished by the strong confidence of customers around the world because of its high quality and modern shape.

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How to choose the perfect watch online

Choosing the right wrist watch differs from one person to another according to several criteria, including a different lifestyle, where the watch must fit with your lifestyle, so you choose your classic or sport watch or a watch that depends on technology, and also one of the criteria is to choose the appropriate size of the wrist watch, and choosing a waterproof watch is one of the criteria that some may need, which means that it is resistant to moisture and perspiration as well, also choosing the suitable price is an important factor.

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