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Best Electric vacuum cleaners 2019 for your home

The vacuum cleaner in the house is a very important home appliance because it saves time and effort for the housewives.


Best Tumble Dryer 2019 for your home

Tumble Dryers are one of the most important modern household appliances that make it easier for housewives, especially new mothers with newborn babies who need to change, wash and dry their clothes regularly. Drying clothes is a difficult task in the winter that requires knowing how to choose the perfect Tumble dryer for your needs.


Toshiba and Elaraby agreement signing ceremony

Toshiba & Elaraby have long lasting mutual cooperation from year 1974 which shows  very strong bonding and association between the two companies.


Benefits from Buying Online From Elaraby Website

You can register and buy Online with the possibility of payment by credit cards or pay in cash upon arrival of your purchases of home appliances. Choose between several brands like Tornado, Toshiba, Sharp, Hoover, Candy and others


How To Pick The Perfect Tumble Dryer

The Tumble dryer has become one of the most important household appliances in the recent period, particularly in large families, with babies need to change clothes constantly.


How to take care of Gas or Electric Heater Before Winter

Water Heaters are very essential pieces to every modern house now a days. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure its maintenance throughout the winter, to maintain a longer lifespan for the heater moreover ensuring the availability of hot water as much as needed


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