For the fourth consecutive year, ELARABY group has been recognized as one of the biggest 100 Arab family businesses

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Posted: September 20, 2023

Forbes, the American magazine, has announced the list of the biggest 100 Arab family businesses for the year 2023. The list has included ELARABY Group for the fourth successive year. The magazine in its report highlights that ELARABY Group had been established in the year 1964 as a family business and is currently chaired by Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud El-Araby. It added that the company is considered to be one of the largest industrial and commercial conglomerates in the area with operations managed through 19 different companies in various sectors such as commerce, manufacturing, medicine and services. Additionally, the company boasts a vast portfolio of over four thousand products under eighteen global trademarks exported to sixty countries worldwide. Its workforce comprising of forty-five thousand employees both locally and internationally.


Furthermore, Forbes reported on ELARABY's latest investment with Taiwanese company Rechi for producing air conditioning compressors valued at over one hundred billion Egyptian pounds