Plasmacluster Technology is Protection and Prevention

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Posted: January 09, 2023

Plasma Cluster technology is a unique technology because of its benefits and positive impact in our daily life as it keeps your home air clean and free of microbes and suspended impurities because it contains three filters (dust filter, active carbon filter to remove bad odors from home and HEPA filter which is for an additional protection from bacteria).

This effective technology is found in SHARP products (refrigerators, air conditioners and air purifiers), and each of them is characterized by Plasmacluster technology that works in each product in a different way and helps to keep the air free from bacteria.

Plasmacluster technology in SHARP Air Conditioners

Air conditioner is one of the most important devices which is irreplaceable, especially in the summer due to the hot weather. Hence the role of SHARP air conditioning because it is the best air conditioner that contains Plasmacluster technology, SHARP air conditioning contains 3 filters that support this technology and help to purify the air that goes inside and comes outside the air conditioner to ensure that you breathe a clean air that is free of microbes and impurities, and ensuring that you have fresh air inside your home and protection for your family, along with the high quality of SHARP air conditioning in cooling and heating.

Plasmacluster technology in SHARP Refrigerators

The Refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances that the housewife seeks to maintain cleanliness continuously, and therefore usually from the beginning she chooses a type of refrigerator that helps her get rid of bad odors resulting from mixing food odors with each other, and this can be done through the technology of Plasmacluster available in SHARP refrigerators that help In killing the bacteria inside the refrigerator, it also prevents the formation rot on food, which keeps the food fresh for a longer period.

You must buy SHARP refrigerator because of its Plasmacluster technology in order to guarantee your family the highest level of hygiene, protection and safety.

Plasmacluster technology in SHARP Air Purifiers

Air purifier SHARP is one of the latest products that care about your health because it contains the highest levels of air purification technology, which makes it suitable for respiratory or heart disease sufferers who suffer from allergies or asthma ..The air purifier draws room air and works to purify it through the filters inside it and then re-pumping this air again after purifying it from microbes, dust and odors, which helps in keeping the room air fresh to ensure that all family members, whether at home or corporate employees, are protected from exposure to pollution.

ELARABY Group offers SHARP products that contain Plasmacluster technology through its showrooms located all over Egypt and through ELARABY Group website