TORNADO Microwave Grill 30 Liter, 900 Watt, Silver TM-30S

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TORNADO Microwave Grill 30 Liter in Silver Color
Microwave Power : 900 Watt
With 5 Power Levels
With Grill and Manual Control
Country Of Origin : China
1 Year Full Free Warranty

TORNADO Microwave Grill
Microwave Capacity : 30 Liter
Microwave Power : 900 Watt
Grill Power : 1000 Watt
Microwave Color : Silver
Manual Control
Multiple Power Levels
Number Of Microwave Power Levels : 5 Levels
Number Of Grill Power Levels : 2 Levels
With Grill
Digital Display LED
Cooking Programs With a Single Touch
Quick Cooking ( 30 Seconds )
Mirror Door
Body of Stainless Steel
Interior Lighting
Alarm Clock
With Child Lock
With Timer Function
Defrost Function :-
Weight Defrost
Quick Defrost
Microwave Dimensions ( mm )  :-
Width x Height x Depth : 520 x 443 x 325.7
Net Weight : 16.12 Kg
Country Of Origin : China
Microwave Warranty : 1 Year Full Free Warranty

Technical Specs
Product Model TM-30S..
Main-Сategory Microwave
Product Situation In Market Stopped Production
Type Microwave
Colors Silver
Capacity 30 Liter
Collection / Series Grill
Electric Power 900 Watt
Country Of Origin China
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