The latest types of Toasters and Sandwich Makers

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Posted: January 15, 2023

ELARABY Group is always unique in providing the latest home appliances that we need in our daily life that facilitating our life tasks ... Two of these small home appliances is TORNADO Toaster and TORNADO Sandwich Maker where they help the housewife or working women to prepare the daily breakfast for the family easily and quickly, They also facilitate for any mother to prepare sandwiches, roast toast, and prepare waffles for her children and many other features and advantages of TORNADO toaster and sandwich maker.

Best TORNADO Toaster in Egypt

Toaster is one of the modern home appliances that helps you to get a crunchy toast in seconds, as TORNADO Toaster facilitates for the fast-food lovers the task of roasting toast and adding whatever they like to it for a fast and clean meal, and it is a good companion in travel or trips which is the fastest way to get crispy toast.

TORNADO toaster is available in two colors (Black and White) and you can choose what suits your special taste and the decor of your kitchen, each of them has several features designed to help you, including :

- It roasts two slices of toast in a standard time.

- The ability to control the heating degree of roasting toast to meet all family members desires.

- The ability to defreeze toast or reheating it through choosing the button for that.

- The upper part of it can also be used to defreeze or heat the food, the black toaster is one characterized with this stand.

- It contains a removable crumb tray that is easy to clean.

- Provided with Cord Storage.

In addition to all these features, TORNADO toaster is provided with a full free warranty for one year from ELARABY Group.

Best TORNADO Sandwich Maker in Egypt

We offer you the new TORNADO black Sandwich Maker in a modern and attractive design as it is easy to carry and move around in travel and trips, and it contains 3 interchangeable heating plates to meet many daily needs and desires.

- Plate with Triangles Form: for preparing delicious sandwiches for your children and family.

- Plate with Lines Form: used for the purpose of grill in a healthy and fast way.

- Plate with cubic Form: for easy waffles preparation at home.

In addition to the automatic separation when the appropriate temperature is reached, TORNADO Sandwich Maker enables you to prepare many meals in a healthy way for you and your family, it is very ideal for athletes or those interested in eating healthy food.

TORNADO Sandwich Maker is provided with a full free warranty for one year from ELARABY Group.

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