The Ministry of Health extends its thanks to ElARABY Group, in appreciation of its effective contribution to overcoming Corona crisis

Categories: CSR
Posted: January 17, 2023

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population thanked ElARABY Group, in appreciation of the efforts made by the group, which showed their solidarity and synergy with country institutions and civil society to overcome the global Corona crisis.

ElARABY Group had announced a series of precautionary measures to protect workers from the emerging Coronavirus, and among those measures launched daily disinfection and sterilization campaigns in all its branches and exhibitions nationwide with the latest methods of disinfection and sterilization, in addition to the processes of separation between workers and training all technicians in the sector of Customer service on how to self-disinfect before and after each maintenance.

ElARABY Group also conducts an online medical survey daily to check on the health status of all its employees, whose number reaches 40,000 workers, and this investigation works on early detection of any suspected cases of Coronavirus, as each employee separately describes his health status daily through the investigation.

ElARABY Group has started supplying fever and quarantine hospitals with air purifiers through the ElARABY Foundation for Social Development to contribute in the recovery of HIV-infected cases, and the Foundation also continues during these days to deliver food and material aid to many families across the Republic.