“The model father”, a big celebration organized by the Egyptian ministry of social solidarity together with ELARABY Group

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Posted: July 24, 2023

On the occasion of “Father’s Day”, and as a token of appreciation of the role played by every father who works hard and gives unsparingly to provide for his family while taking it upon himself to bring up good children, the Egyptian ministry of social solidarity has organized, with the aid of ELARABY group, a big celebration that commemorates fathers day under the title, “The model father”. Attending the celebration were Dr. Nevine El-Kabbaj, the Egyptian minister of social solidarity, Dr. Mamduh El Araby, vice president of ELARABY group and Mrs. Sabah Abd Al Jayyid, vice president of ELARABY Foundation for Social Development, in order to honor a number of fathers with inspiring stories that bring about their struggle and success as fathers from the various provinces of the country. This, in addition to the honoring of a number of public characters that create a positive father model and the fathers of a number of sport athletes. 


In fact, ELARABY group had proposed to initiate a celebration of Father’s Day two years prior with the goal of laying the universal appreciation of fathers’ role in the flourish of Egyptian society. However, the celebration organized this year is considered to be the first official commemoration of fathers day and has received a high level of support from members of society alongside the Egyptian government