SHARP air conditioner ... the lowest in electricity consumption and the best to provide a clean and healthy environment

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Posted: January 10, 2023

The air conditioner has become one of the necessary devices in every home, and its importance and uses are no longer limited to the summer season only, but has become important throughout the year, but what matters to the customer when buying an air conditioner, is it searching for the highest quality and best technology? Or the air conditioner that consumes less electricity? Or is it the most purifying air that provides a healthy environment? With SHARP, there is no need to be confused between these options because it combines all these characteristics, as it is a Japanese technology, the most energy-saving, the highest performance, the best quality and the best in purifying the air.

SHARP air conditioner has a wide range of features and characteristics that make it the first choice, on top of these features is the energy-saving feature, which saves you from the burden of a high electricity bill while providing the highest cooling efficiency, through the advanced energy efficiency rating of the air conditioner that reaches the A +++++ level, which is the highest certified classification Energy efficiency by technical institutions and bodies specialized in specifications, standards and quality; This makes it one of the lowest electricity consuming devices in the Egyptian market.

For a healthy environment free from dust, viruses and microbes, SHARP air conditioner is equipped with plasma cluster filter system, which naturally purifies the air and not only changes the air inside the room, but also eliminates unpleasant odors. Which makes it the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals, as well as to maintain the health of your children and the elderly, especially during the changing seasons, spring and autumn seasons.

SHARP air conditioner has other technological features that achieve more comfort for its consumers. The Super Jet Mode feature, which is based on the unique interior design of the blade, allows a continuous flow of fresh, cool air around the room, and through the My AREA feature, the intelligent air distribution feature, allows choosing the air direction. Accurately to a specific part of the room, or you can choose the flow of cold air to the ceiling of the room through the COANDA feature, to provide comfort and protection or for those who do not like the air to reach them directly.

SHARP air conditioner comes with an attractive digital screen, which clearly displays all data, such as room temperature and faults, if any, as well as a special timer that determines the operating time.

As for quality and safety, SHARP air conditioner is subjected to quality assurance tests in designated rooms to ensure the quality of manufacturing and its suitability for different environmental conditions, as well as to ensure the highest levels of safety. In order to protect the environment, SHARP air conditioner uses environmentally friendly Freon gas that does not affect the ozone layer or the atmosphere surrounding the globe.

The unique features that SHARP air conditioner brings together in one device make it the first choice for those who want the highest performance supported by distinct technical characteristics with the lowest electricity consumption and make it suitable for operating in any season throughout the year.