The prime minister receives Mr. Ibrahim El Araby and Mr. Mohamed El Araby

Categories: ELARABY News
Posted: July 24, 2023

The Egyptian prime minister, Doctor Mostafa Madboli has met with Mr. Ibrahim El-Araby, the chairman of ELARABY Group and Mr. Mohamed El Araby, the Group’s executive manager in the presence of the Egyptian minister of industry and trade Mr. Ahmed Samir. The meeting was conducted with the goal of discussing the continuation of ELARABY’s Group’s activities as it is one of the biggest Egyptian companies that highly contributes to the national economical growth. During the meeting, the prime minister commended ELARABY Group and its accomplishments on both the local and international spheres and its big role in satisfying market demands and providing work opportunities for the Egyptian youth.


On his part, Mr.Ibrahim El Araby highlighted the group's recent activities, shedding light on a number of industrial projects currently underway, which aim to provide various products and materials, in an effort to reduce the import bill. He also indicated the group’s organization of a number of exhibitions of products subsequent availability of about 3,000 distributors across the country. He emphasized the group's possession of a skilled and exceptional workforce, always seeking to care for them and enhance their professional development, stating, "We have 45,000 outstanding workers, and they are the real capital of the group." During the meeting, Mr. Muhammed El Araby presented the group's future within the framework of enhancing local manufacturing. He pointed out the efforts being made to boost domestic industry, including agreements with national companies to provide the necessary inputs, supplies, and essential materials for the group's factories. This, as can be inferred, highly contributes to reducing the import bill and strengthening national economy.