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El–Araby Companies constantly prove the leadership of the Japanese technology in electronics, and sponsor two researchers in the Egyptian Japanese University "The scientific research is one of the important factors to uplift the Egyptian industry and the national economy, so the advancement of the scientific research cannot be achieved without the contribution of the establishments and the economic entities." The Chief Executive Eng. Muhammad Mahmoud El-Araby assured. El–Araby companies constantly believe in the importance of the scientific research, in addition to delivering the strategy of the Japanese technology in electronics to the Egyptian market, so El–Araby Companies signed a protocol for a co-operation with the Egyptian Japanese University to support two of the researchers in the technology field, and contribute to the scientific research expenses, and the study for each researcher of them for two years for studying the Master stage. The Egyptian Japanese University is a new type as an Egyptian university that depends on the dynamic partnership between Egypt and Japan. It is classified as a first class research university according to the international standards, as it mainly follows the Japanese example in the innovative education that depends on the practical application and problem –solving concepts to embody the new type of the 21th Century universities. El-Araby added that the establishments also get benefit from the researches and its results in saving time and effort, and improving the quality of the final product with the lowest price for the Egyptian consumer. It is worth mentioning that El-Araby Companies established in 1964, it is a competent in manufacturing and marketing electronics and home appliances and it is one of the major economic entities that play a developing role for the Egyptian society and economy. It represents high quality products with an advanced technology that serve what the consumer needs and expects. And because of the excellence of its products and its application of the quality international standards, it aims to become the first Egyptian Arabian African in its field by the end of 2014. It owns two industrial groups based on an area of 386,000 square meters in Banha city and Quaisna city. It represents more than 446 different products through its production and its commercial agencies to the local and the international markets in more than 22 countries according to the Arab Trade Agreement and the COMESA Agreement. El–Araby Companies also depend on a large group of the sales centers all over Egypt and it includes a distribution and service network, 2840 sales centers, and 185 centers for maintenance and after-sales service.