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Loyal To Our Founders

El Araby Company started out as a hardware store in El-Mosky district, the oldest commercial square of Cairo. Each of the three brothers contributed to the development of the Company with all the capabilities and experience available. They worked together with synergy and harmony – planting and growing the vital seeds that would one day grow into mighty trees constituting the companies of El-Araby Group. Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim Elaraby planted the spirit of loyalty and belonging among the employees.He supervised the work on a daily basis to ensure accuracy and proficiency.On the other hand,Mr.Mahmoud Elaraby focused on setting Strategies directing the business ship towards the overall development of the hole Group. However, the formula of success was completed with the administrative and organisational capabilities of Mr. Abdel-Gayed Elaraby who focused on setting up efficient working systems. The Company’s activities continued to grow and expand, as a result of the efforts and dedication of its founders.El-Araby Group eventually became one of the largest Egyptian companies. This success has been met with much praise and appreciation, not only at the local level, but on the international level as well. The Group has received a supreme token of appreciation from Japan. The Emperor of Japan awarded the Order of the Rising Sun to Mr. Mahmoud Elaraby, for playing a significant role in his capacity as the Head of El-Araby Group in developing excellent commercial relationships between Egypt and Japan along four decades.

Mr. Abdel-Gayed Ibrahim Elaraby

Mr. Abdel-Gayed Ibrahim Aly Elaraby was born on 25/11/1935 and died on 15/11/1995. He was Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Araby Group and Head of the Industrial Sector.

Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Elaraby

Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Aly Elaraby was born on 15/04/1932. He is presently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Araby Group.

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Elaraby

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Aly Elaraby was born on 13/06/1928. He is presently the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Araby Group.