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Chairman’s Statement

Presently, the Group embraces eight companies working in commercial industrial and service operations and two industrial complexes running sixteen factories – all operating with the world’s latest production lines The Group also hold investments in a host of projects that manufacture and market products in the Arab region and Africa. It is hard to believe that such a mega Group had such humble beginning. It started with a capital of no more than EGP 4,000! The Group owes its origin to the enterprise of three brothers: Mohamed Ibrahim Elaraby, Mahmoud Ibrahim Elaraby and Abdel-Gayed Ibrahim Elaraby, who started out with a hardware store selling school supplies and children’s toys. This humble origin of ELARABY Group is a continuous source of pride and inspiration to the younger generation of ELARABY family. It represents the rewards of perseverance, patience and persistence for almost half of a century, established by the three brothers who came from Egypt’s countryside, possessing nothing but the power of a dream. It also reminds us of the goodness and grace that the almighty has bestowed on us. hanks to guidance and support of Allah, the group continued to expand its commercial activities and grow into an industrial powerhouse in collaboration with the most prominent Japanese and international corporations. We believe that the secret behind our success is our commitment to the inspiring values of our religion, and our persistence on holding on to such ethical values – big or small – in all our operations. The rules of ethical commercial transaction have become a stamp and seal of the Group, and have influenced the behavior of each and every member of ELARABY team. We still have goals and objectives to be achieved at the Middle Eastern and African levels. Our goal is to make the name of ELARABY synonymous with the best electronic and consumer durable goods in Africa and the Middle East. Undoubtedly, such a goal requires a lot of dedicated efforts and unfailing hard work. However, I’m fully faithful that we acquire the ability and the will to achieve it by the support of Allah the Almighty.

Praise Be to Allah for
His Grace and Endless Blessings..

Mahmoud Elaraby
Founder & Chairman