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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Cold and Flu This Winter!

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Cold and Flu This Winter!

 In our daily interactions, we might get exposed to the infection of cold and flu. Yes, it’s a small thing but the symptoms may require you to skip your work and stay back home, isolate from family or friends to avoid transmitting contagion. If you hate doctor visits and prescriptions, avert it all by following below;

Open windows

- Open all windows at the time when sunshine is spotted on panes to let fresh air and rays in.

Covers and blankets

- Put covers and blankets out door, Sun rays will take of all germs and viruses.

Shut windows

Shut all windows but the kitchen one for ventilation. If you ever got the feeling of heat, open a window for ten cm only and never stand in air flow when you feel hot.

Regular handwashing

- Regular handwashing is a must every time you shake hands and after catching door knops and getting off public transportations.

Healthy drinks to keep flu away

- Lemon is the best choice to keep flu away, mix it with molasses (black honey), and take it from time to time and regularly in case of flu. Never boil it nor add it to hot water, mix it with room temperature water.

- Guava and orange, those two heroes contain vitamin C. Drink them always in winter and mix them with Kiwi as well.

- Due to the weak thickness of concrete in modern houses and buildings, the feeling of air flow and cold may increase in winter, so it’s recommended to use “Fan Oil Heaters” than electric heaters for below reason.

- Power saver as it works by heating oil.

- Healthier, as it takes time to warm up so the human body will not get the shock of sudden heat.

- Saves candles’ budget.

What are the best oil heaters in Egypt?

One of the best heaters in Egypt is Tornado Heaters from Elaraby Group, in terms of quality and value of money, varies in many models as;

- Tornado heater 7 fins

- Tornado heater 9 fins

- Tornado heater 11 fins

- Tornado heater 13 fins

- Tornado heater 15 fins

One fin equals heating two square meters in a closed room. Enjoy your winter this year with Tornado tips and tricks.


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