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New Tornado Dishwasher From Elarby Group

For the first time, Tornado Dishwashers are in the market.


Elaraby Group has announced the launch of the Tornado dishwasher for the first time in the Egyptian market. The dishwasher models are equipped with a screen for programs and malfunctions. The programs range from 6 to 8 programs. It also has a children lock and the option of additional sterilization or drying. The washing machine has the capacity of washing dishes for 12 person.

Dishwashers Modles :

 Tornado Dishwasher For 12 Person 8 Programs DWS-A12CDT-S 

Tornado Dishwasher For 12 Person 6 Programs DWS-A12CTT-S

Tornado dishwasher programs and Specifications

As for its programs, the Tornado dishwasher has many programs, suitable for all uses. The economic laundry program allows the washing machine to operate half the load by determining the washing in the top or bottom basket only, which saves the detergent, water and electricity. The dishwasher also includes one of the fastest washing programs in the world, that completes the entire wash cycle in just 18 minutes. The dishwasher uses all kinds of dishwashing detergents: whether liquid, tablets or powder, in addition to knowing the faults through the dishwasher test program which shows the fault code through the screen.

Elaraby Group has announced earlier its intention to introduce a number of new home appliances according to the needs of the market, stressing that these devices will be a comprehensive guarantee of Elaraby and according to the latest technologies currently used at the same time at prices suitable for the consumer.

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