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 How to take care of Gas or Electric Heater before Winter

Water Heaters are very essential pieces to every modern house now a days. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure its maintenance throughout the winter, to maintain a longer lifespan for the heater moreover ensuring the availability of hot water as much as needed.

Here are the steps to maintain gas and electric water heater before winter starts:

1-Maintenance for electric heaters :

1. please check the safety valve in electric water heaters that may cause leakage of some water vapor due to the increased pressure inside the heater, exposing you to the risk of explosion of the geyser.

2. tornado gas water heater and tornado electric water heater provide the required maintenance team that enable you to check the heater by a specialist to ensure safety, contact our customer service, to receive a specialized technician.

If you live in a place that has been repeatedly cut off from electricity. Make sure by a specialist that the heater doesn't store water inside it, this with time leads to the deposition of salts and rust.

2- Maintenance of the gas heater :

-Make sure the water pressure is right to ignite the Gas heater and get enough hot water.

-Make sure the hot water valves are safe and don't leak.

-Make sure there's no gas leaks.

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