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how to buy hand watches?

How to buy hand watch?

If your guy is picky & hard to satisfy, then you are on the right track! rare are those who enjoy fine taste and that of course says why he chose you over others, however many of us use mobiles as a time piece, hand watches are still a part of many people's icons. some use it for the sake of function, some others do for fashion.as there's no absolute in tastes, like it's not a bad or good hand watch rather it's the right or wrong watch that suits him.


Tips to help you pick the right hand watch for him

1- Hand watch face

Hand watch face, never pick a small one, always go bigger, and be wise in that by opting the optically accepted one.

2- Hand watches colors

Dial color (background) should be a solid color, never go for a bright one, it's out of the good guys league. Choose black, grey, dark blue or even plain white. No red, orange, yellow, purple nor PINK, unless you practically need to BREAK UP!

3- Hand watch straps and materials

Hand watch straps and material, stainless watches are so losey, so if he wears watches for a long part of the day, go for the losey option to avoid testing his endurance. stainless steel watches are never outdated, why!

For actually many reasons; it suits all casual outfits meanwhile it never disappoints him for business attires. Steel watches are so easy to clean and maintain in a good condition unlike the leather watches that might be peeled by time. Gym rats simply love steel watched for its durability and versatility. It's also a classic hand watch and for a nostalgic reason, mature guys simply love it, they see the icon of their fathers in classic hand watches. soft men tend to rejoice with a sleek leather strap and that's completely adorable.

Finial decision to choose hand watches

If you are still confused and unable to make a final decision, merely consult his best friend, brother or a close one for him you know and trust as they know him better. in all occasions, you should purchase a watch case that has a big brand logo mark and that brand should be original one, well trusted and affordable.

In Alba watches, you will find adequate varieties you could choose from to match his taste. technically supported with Japanese mechanism means timeless utility. Well established brand worldly and well-known as well.
Affordable and can be obtained with medium or adequate budget.

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