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How to Buy Toshiba Washing Machine Online 

5 Reasons to Buy Toshiba SDD Washing Mashines

Washing machines vary in terms of shape, colors and effectiveness moreover prices and after sales services. Toshiba SDD washing mashines is a smart device as it can set its need of water and detergent according to the clothes volume.

1- Inverter with 40% Power Saving

Toshiba washing machine with a technology transforming hesitant power waves, into stable, so it could use the exact needs of power and save 40% electricity rather than other washing machines.

2- SDD Motor

Super Direct Drive Inverter advantage, the washing machine works without conveyors and anti-vibration. So the fan capacity is doubled and the noise volume is muted.

3- Crystal Drum Body

Taken from washing board, as the crystal drums enhances the interaction with stains and soft fabrics.

4- Water Falls Technology

Through the two water gates in the above and by absorbing water again to replenish it back, pledging water penetration into fabrics. And prevents clothes from tangling.

5- Allergy Resistant Washer

Effective detergent thawing, rinsing fabrics thanks to the water pressure. Helping to destroy stains and allergy causals.

Buy Toshiba Wahsing mashines from Elaraby Group

Few clicks enable you to get Toshiba washing machine at your place, follow the buying steps:

Select the product.

1- Press “Buy Now

2- Click “Continue Shopping” to select other products OR “Update Basket” if you will buy one product

3- Check purchasing policy “Privacy and Privacy Policy has been reviewed and approved”

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