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How to choose the perfect watch online

Watches types:

Choosing the right hand watch differs from one person to another according to several criteria, including a different lifestyle, where the watch must fit with your lifestyle, so you choose your classic or sport watch or a watch that depends on technology, and also one of the criteria is to choose the appropriate size of the hand watch, and choosing a waterproof watch is one of the criteria that some may need, which means that it is resistant to moisture and perspiration as well, also choosing the suitable price is an important factor.

ALBA and SEIKO watches:

ELARABY Group offers a wide assortment of ALBA and SEIKO hand watches, ALBA Hand Watches are Japanese-made watches that are fashionable and varied in shapes, there are men and women hand watches, and the shape of the watch band differs from a metal , a leather, a fabric, and a rubber band, as well as they have several categories as ACTIVE, FASHION, PRESTIGE and FLAGSHIPALBA watches are water resistant they tolerate water at a depth of 30 to 100 meters, and their prices vary from 1000 to 4000 thousand Egyptian pounds. ALBA hand watches are available at ELARABY Group with a full warranty for one year.

The SEIKO Hand Watches are elegant luxury watches that suit the needs of the business class and those who travel. SEIKO watches are available in ELARABY Group in several categories, including PREMIER, PRESAGE, PROSPEX, and ASTRON. The ASTRON category has distinct watches, some with a band made of titanium. This category contains a GPS tracking device, and its prices range from 4 thousand to 54 thousand Egyptian pounds. SEIKO watches are Japanese-made and come with a full year warranty.

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