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ELARABY Group is on “Forbes” list of the 100 best Arab family companies 

The famous American business magazine “Forbes” has chosen ELARABY Group among the best hundred Arab family companies in the Middle East for the year 2020, and the magazine considered that family businesses are the backbone of the economies of most countries in the Middle East, and put together a list of the most important companies in the region that are run by families through private companies, And considered that these companies enjoy special advantages over other companies, the most important advantage is the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the business environment.

The magazine has chosen a set of criteria for selection, among which are the extent of business diversity, the number of sectors in which major operations are carried out, the date of incorporation, the number of countries in which they are located and the extent of their geographical diversity, and finally the number of employees of these companies.

It is known that ELARABY Company was founded in 1964, and is considered one of the largest companies operating in the field of engineering goods in Africa and the Middle East, and has extensive commercial relations with a large number of Japanese and European companies, and the number of its employees is more than 40 thousand employees, and it exports its products to more than 60 countries around the world.


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