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best types of electric heaters in Egypt

Best types of electric Water Heaters in Egypt

Electric water heaters are the optimum solution for chalets and beach villas. And better than biogas heaters as the ‘’bomba’’ might be a direct cause of conveying insects and mice.

Crowned on the top performing water heaters in Egypt, comes Tornado electric heater. Since the internal tank is made out of pure stainless steel which guarantees pure water and longer life span.

Water Heaters Guaranteed

Warranty up to 10 years by Elaraby group. Tornado factory in Quesna to avail durability and availability of spare parts.
Power board in Tornado electric heaters located on a side. While water cycle is from base, so it’s totally isolated and separated.

- More safe

Water thermometer in Tornado electric water heaters shuts automatically. And this is a big safety factor to prevent heaters from booming.

- Internal isolation

The pure stainless steel water tank is surrounded by anti-flame glasses pot so hot water could be kept for longer time.

- Save Water and Electricity

Saving power by summer and winter thermostat. Easily adjust heat according to season and the heater will reach out the required degree and will shut down automatically.

- Heating Speed

-Water piping from bottom: hot water float above and flood in through the main streaming pipe.

- Refilling pipe feeds from the highest point in tank so whenever water cut off, the heater will stop piping the water and will still contain water inside to cool down the moderator.

Buy Tornado Water Heaters from Elaraby Online

Know more about Tornado electric heaters on Elaraby Group websit. check online Tornado water heaters price, liters and colors.

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