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Best deep freezers in Egypt

Deep freezers industry, Toshiba comes in top list of manufacturers, by the guarantee of Elaraby Group, that is well known for the after sales services and quality assurance.

Best Deep Freezers in Egypt

Toshiba Deep Freezers come in two different sizes and models in Egypt. Deep Freezer contains 4 drawers and Deep Freezer contains 5 drawers.

- 5 Drawers Deep Freezers

Maximum capacity of 230 liters, you can store all raw food types. This is a great advantage for seasonal vegetables and fruit cuts. This helps in emergency gatherings or guest visits. Freeze all kinds of proteins such as fish, meat, shrimps and chicken.

- 4 Drawers Deep Freezers

Reaches capacity of 195 liters, suitable to place in small spaces in kitchen or other rooms. Its unique capacity keeps juices and fruits for longer time, this will help you manage food processing easily and in a very short time.

Toshiba Deep Freezer Prices

Deep Freezer 5 drawers units with price of 6356 LE, good for mega family needs.

Deep Freezer 4 drawers units with price of 5430 LE, good for smaller spaces.

- for more about the latest Deep Freezers Prices in Egypt.

No Frost Deep Freezers

Because you deserve just the best, Toshiba deep freezers with no frost feature will prevent ice layers from accumulating, so it keeps food raw materials in a perfect fresh condition.

Drawer Specs in Toshiba Deep Freezers

Toshiba Deep freezer 5 drawers contains (3 big drawers, 2 small drawers). Toshiba Deep freezer 4 drawers contains (2 big drawers, 2 small drawers). Below specs for drawer sizes in mm;

Buy Deep Frezeers Online in Egypt

Buy online Toshiba Deep Freezers from Elaraby Group, Enjoy shopping online. we available 24 hours a day. Pay with credit card, Fawry or cash upon delivery and enjoy a free delivery service within 7 days of orderings.

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