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Best types of Turkish, American, Espresso coffee machines

Every morning, we need a cup of coffee to start our day properly, renew our activities and recharge our energy before starting a new working day. The coffee helps you overcome the burdens of your day. Those who love coffee are aware of the happiness and mood improvement that a daily cup of coffee can offer them.

Usually, coffee lovers prefer to buy them from places that prepare a good coffee or go to coffee shops to have a good cup of coffee, whether they are a fan of Turkish coffee or American coffee or various types such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and others.

Now, coffee lovers can choose from the new TORNADO coffee machines that make unique, high quality coffee and get it at home without the need to go to the café or coffee shops to buy your favorite coffee, and without the need to pay daily amounts to buy coffee. TORNADO offers new types of coffee makers that prepare many types of coffee, including:

- Turkish coffee maker.
- Automatic American Coffee Maker
- Manual espresso Coffee machine
- Automatic espresso Coffee machine

We will help you to know more details about these new types:

1- TORNADO Turkish coffee maker:

ELARABY group offers TORNADO Turkish coffee makers with its unique modern shape and attractive colors to suit all tastes. TORNADO Turkish coffee maker is equipped with a safety system that prevents the machine to start without water, and its capacity is 330 ml of water, enabling you to prepare 4 cups of Turkish coffee at the same time in less than 3 and a half minutes.
The machine is easy to control with just one button, and it has a high-efficiency stainless steel pot and a coffee pot separate from the external part of the machine.

2- TORNADO Automatic American Coffee maker:

It is suitable for American coffee lovers, enables you to prepare several cups of coffee at the same time. It contains a glass beaker marked with the water level, it’s available in black and white colors. The machine features a Nylon filter and a place on top to add coffee powder, non-slip base and anti-drip feature to prevent coffee leakage. It also enables you to keep your coffee warm to drink at different times.

3- TORNADO Manual Espresso Coffee machine:

You can prepare espresso, cappuccino or latte with this Espresso coffee machine. It has a 15 bar pump, made of non-heat transfer material, so you can use it safely. The machine has a water tank at the back of it and a separate nozzle to heat the milk and add foam.
You can control to choose espresso or cappuccino through one rotating button with lights, in case you want to prepare a cappuccino cup you put milk in the nozzle to heat it up and add foam and then add coffee from the machine to get a delicious cappuccino, but in case you want to get the espresso roll Button to choose espresso making.

4- TORNADO Automatic Espresso Coffee machine:

ELARABY Group offers TORNADO automatic espresso maker with distinctive red color and high quality. To prepare espresso with this machine you should use coffee capsules, there is a capsule inlet on top of the machine where the coffee capsule is placed. The machine has an electronic touch screen that has 5 different options (single coffee - double coffee - cappuccino - latte - milk whisk), and there is a plastic water tank at the back of the machine and a milk jar on the side of the machine so you can add milk to your latte and cappuccino cup after preparing them.

There is also a small drawer for collecting the used empty coffee capsules, which you can get rid of them and clean the drawer.A large cup and a small cup of coffee can be prepared automatically at one time, and it contains a button to whisk milk and make foam, it also contains a scale to control the coffee flow and a scale to control the temperature.

Tornado automatic espresso maker is a very strong competitor for similar coffee machines on the market as it is manufactured with high quality and works efficiently and it’s attractive, and will also help you to get all types of coffee at home without going out to buy coffee.

You can also see the specifications here:

Turkish coffee maker:

- TORNADO automatic Turkish coffee maker, 330ml, 735W, brown x black color, TCME-100.
- TORNADO automatic Turkish coffee maker, 330ml, 735W, purple x black color, TCME-100 V.
- TORNADO Turkish automatic coffee maker, 330ml, 735W, rose x black color, TCME-100 RS.
- TORNADO Automatic Turkish coffee maker, 330ml, 735W, red x black, TCME-100 RG.
- TORNADO Automatic Turkish coffee maker, 330ml, 735W, white x black color, TCME-100 W.

American Coffee Maker:

- TORNADO Automatic American Coffee Maker 1.5L, 1000W, Black color, TCMA-1015-B.

Espresso Maker:

- TORNADO Espresso Maker 15 bar, 1.7 Liter, 960-1140Watt, Black color, TCM-11415-B.
- TORNADO Automatic Espresso maker with Capsules 0.65L, 1050W, TCMN- C65R.

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