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The best sound systems and amplifiers

Stages of the development of amplifiers and sound systems

People have increased their interest over the years with sound, sound quality and sound clarity, so many innovators have tried to develop many devices to make it easier for people to get the purest and best sound, because sound is one of the important elements that makes a person coexist with what he sees and interacts with greatly, and technology facilitated the idea of sound clarity.

The interests of people differ from each other, amplifiers and sound systems have many products that have been recently developed to suit all tastes such as home theater, Hi-Fi systems, sound bar system, Bluetooth portable speakers, wired ear and headphones and Bluetooth headphones.

Features and prices of amplifiers and sound systems

ElAraby Group offers all kinds of different sound systems with the best prices and specifications that are produced by Sony, because of its developments in the field of audio hardware technology such as:

Home theater: ElAraby Group offers various home theaters to suit the needs of the family and youth. Prices range from 4 to 12 thousand Egyptian pounds, and its capacity varies between 300 watts to 1000 watts and contains a DVD player and a USB input. the highest category available contains Bluetooth connectivity and karaoke use, Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, and surround sound.

Hi-Fi systems: Prices and shapes vary from 8 thousand pounds to 29 thousand pounds, the Hi-Fi is a high-power audio system for widespread sound, it comes with a DVD player and HDMI and connects to Bluetooth, and the higher category contains lighting for parties and the effects of Dj, as it features excellent audio features and different modes for each type of music, movies and games, and also it can be controlled by gestures for easy operation.
Sony Sound Bar: Its price ranges between 8 to 10 thousand pounds, with a home cinema system with high-quality surround sound and long rear speakers to cover the volume in all aspects, and it can connect to Bluetooth by one touch NFC and contains a USB input.

Portable wireless speaker: ElAraby Group offers two types of speakers Toshiba and Sony, Toshiba speakers’ price is 700 Egyptian pounds it could be connected to Bluetooth by phone or computer, the speakers can be used in phone calls and there is an internal Mic. and an internal battery. Sony portable speakers range in price from 1200 to 5500 pounds connected with Bluetooth and is equipped with EXTRA BASS technology with live sound mode and party booster, it is also equipped with a battery that lasts up to 24 hours and contains lights. Sony speakers come with a free one-year ElAraby Group warranty.

Headphones and ear: Sony earphones range in price from 400 to 2000 pounds, the highest-class wired earphones feature Bluetooth connectivity for easy movement and contain EXTRA BASS technology for a deep and powerful sound. the headphones come with two wired and wireless types and prices range between 700 to 1500 EGP, characterized by high-quality sound and one-touch music play without the use of hands via voice assistant commands, and contains a battery that has a play time of up to 20 hours and comes with a rotating design for easy placement.

Types of sound systems available in ElAraby Group

Home Theater:

Sony Home Theater 1000W DAV-DZ950 
Sony Home Theater 1000W DAV-DZ650 
Sony Home Theater 1000W DAV-DZ350 
Sony 300W Home Theater DAV-TZ140 

 Hi-Fi Sound System:

Sony Hi-Fi Sound System MHC-V90DW 
Sony Hi-Fi Sound System MHC-V21D 
Sony Hi-Fi Sound System MHC-V82D 
Sony Hi-Fi Sound System MHC-V72D 
Sony Hi-Fi Sound System HCDSHAKEX30 
Sony Hi-Fi Sound System HCDSHAKEX70 

Sound Bar:

Sony Sound Bar HT-RT40 
Sony Sound Bar HT-RT3 

portable wireless speaker:

Toshiba portable wireless speaker TY-SP1
Sony Portable Wireless Orange Speaker SRS-XB10 / RC 
Sony Portable Wireless Orange Speaker SRS-XB21 / RC 
Sony Wireless Portable Blue Speaker SRS-XB21 / LC E 
Sony Wireless Portable black Headset SRS-XB21 / BC E 
Sony Wireless Portable blue Speaker SRS-XB31 / LC E 
Sony Wireless Portable black Headset SRS-XB31 / BC E 
Sony Wireless Portable black Headset SRS-XB41 / BC 

Wireless Earphone:

Sony Wireless Earphone XB50BSBZE 
Sony Wired Earphone MDR-EX15APWZE 
Sony EXTRA BASS E wired headphone MDRXB550APBC 
Sony Wired Headphone MDRZX110APBCE 

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