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The best types of coffee makers

Benefits and types of coffee

Who does not like the smell, flavor and warmth of coffee in winter? Coffee in the winter is one of the drinks that helps the body getting warm. coffee has many benefits, including that it contains anti-oxidants that help to fight heart diseases and cancer, especially colon cancer. It helps take advantage of the energy in the human body because it contains caffeine. Coffee improves the level of cholesterol in the blood. There are several types of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, American coffee, Turkish coffee and French coffee.

And nowadays, coffee makers have become one of the important household appliances in every home, and come in many modern types and shapes, to make the perfect cup of coffee for every day.

Tornado Turkish Coffee Maker from ElAraby Group

ElAraby Group offers Turkish Tornado coffee makers with its unique modern shapes and attractive variety of colors to suit all tastes and it is designed with Lumena Sense technology that prevents coffee from boiling upon completion of its preparation, its price is 1250 Egyptian ponds and it comes with a capacity of 330 ml .it enables you to make 4 cups of Turkish coffee at the same time in less than 3.5 minutes and it has the feature of automatic disconnection, with sound and light alert, and it is equipped with a safety system that prevents its operation without water.

It is easy to control with just one button and the brewery bowl is separate from the external body of the machine and is equipped with a high-efficiency stainless steel heater. Tornado Coffee Maker comes with a free one-year comprehensive warranty from ElAraby Group

Specifications of Tornado coffee maker

Tornado automatic Turkish coffee maker, brown * black, 330ml, TCME-100 

Tornado Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker purple * Black 330ml TCME-100 V

Tornado Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Black * Black 330ml TCME-100 RS

Tornado Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Red * Black 330ml TCME-100 RG

Tornado Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker, White * Black, 330ml TCME-100 W


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