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Elaraby 5th Annual Convention for Foreigner Suppliers

Aswan is hosting Elaraby 5th  Annual Convention for Foreigner Suppliers in partnership with 150 global firms.

In presence of Eng. Ahmed Abdel Razik, Chief of Industrial Development Organization, and Eng. Ibrahim Elmanestrely, Chief of Industrial Censorship Organization, Mouneer Goma’a, Deputy of Investment Ministry, and Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud Elaraby, Elaraby Group CEO. Elaraby Group is holding its annual convention for foreigner suppliers in Aswan, in aims for encouraging tourism and attracting investment potentials.

Eng. Ahmed Abdel Razik announced the main target of this year’s conference as enticing global corporations to invest in Egypt, and discussing the possibility of manufacturing a 100% Made in Egypt product, which comes in parallel with the national policy that supports the internal industry and employment opportunities, pointing at the presence of foreigners in this conference and its contribution in the investments increase through studying the needs of the local market for manufacturing components.

In light of this, Eng. Ibrahim Elmanestrely stated that this convention is counted as a great step towards development, by gathering investors on one land and through exchanging experience. From another perspective, ELmanesterly emphasized the role of Elaraby group in pulling investments by saying “Elaraby is a great local business model” and how Elaraby contributes in CSR and economical support to prove that persistent investors can partner with government to achieve collateral growth.

At his capacity, Eng. Mohamed Elaraby declared that this year’s meet up intents to enhance mutual partnership between Elaraby Group and multinational firms. And that was the promise, to enforce all capacity in making a better future for whole Egypt. Elaraby also added that Egypt is growing every day by using all the competences granted to the land in addition to the current leadership that shall put the country on the track of major countries, by taking all procedures that encourages local production and increase foreigner investments.

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