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SHARP Air Conditioners… Efficiency Speaks Louder than Words

The Original Japanese Technology

Since Sharp was established in Japan in 1912, was known for adopting new technology production. This policy was acquired by Tokoji Hyakawa since Sharp establishment, as he announced “We will create technology that everyone will want to imitate”.

Worldwide Best Seller

Sharp products as refrigerators, air conditions, LED TVs Screen , air purifiers, all known globally for its quality. Sharp owns technology laboratories in USA that are responsible to develop academic and scientific research.

 Energy Saving Air Conditions

Inverter technology in Sharp air conditions, redirect electric power from hesitant waves to stable, that saves electricity consumption in Sharp than other air conditions by 40%.

Temperature Speedy Reach

Sharp air conditioner reach the required temperature faster than other ACs, as its air flow system functions regularly and spread out air in a very efficient way to fully cover the space.

Watch Sharp air Conditioners


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