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Seiko Marine Master presented to Ahmed Gabr !

Elaraby Group and Seiko have presented Ahmed Gabr with the Seiko Master at an exclusive ceremony held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Heliopolis on Thursday, the 13th of November. The picture above displays Gabr wearing the Seiko Marine Master Sbbn013, which will help him plunge even deeper into history. Presently, Gabr holds the Guinnes world record for the deepest plunge ever.Not only does the Seiko Marine Master Sbbn013 resist the depths of the sea, but it also provides exceptional visibility. It has been finely crafted with vividly luminous colors visible in natural settings with little or no sunlight. This exclusive anti-magnetic watch has also been designed and engineered with top quality sapphire glass to create unparalleled scratch resistance. The Sbbn013 has been thoroughly tested to handle the most extreme situations; it meets the highest standards of any timepiece. Elaraby Group and Seiko are proud to present this exceptional athlete with this exceptional watch, the Seiko Master Marine Sbbn013.

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