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How can you make your coffee cup more beneficial?

Drinking coffee in the morning is a favorite daily habit around the world, and it is known that coffee consumption has disadvantages as it has many benefits proven by scientific studies, the most important of which is that it is one of the largest sources of antioxidants that prevent the formation of cancers, and also helps to improve mood and stimulate the mind, that’s why many prefer coffee in the morning.

But the question remains, how can you make your daily coffee more beneficial?

In the following points, we will show how to make coffee use beneficial to reduce their harmful effects as possible:

1- Don’t drinking coffee on an empty stomach:

Many prefer starting his day with a cup of coffee without eating any snack, but this may lead to a healthy imbalance because the body releases insulin in response to caffeine which is in the coffee, that leads to a significant drop in blood sugar level, therefore it is preferred to eat a snack before drinking a cup of coffee to avoid feeling Fatigue and exhaustion.

2- Stop late coffee consumption:

Coffee is a drink rich with caffeine and is one of the stimulants that stimulate the mind, so if you drink coffee late in your day, this can affect your sleeping habits.

3- Reducing excessive coffee consumption:

Although coffee has many benefits, excessive coffee intake raises the percentage of caffeine in the body that can have a negative effect on your body and is prone to increased heart rate, anxiety, nervousness, muscle twitching and lack of sleep.

4- Add cinnamon, ginger or cocoa to your coffee:

Adding cinnamon to a cup of coffee is an ideal addition that will give it a distinctive taste in addition to its high nutritional value, since cinnamon is considered one of the suitable herbs for those who suffer from accumulate triglycerides, as it works to reduce its percentage and the cholesterol in the blood, also it works to reduce the rate of glucose for diabetics.

Adding ginger is also a very good addition, as ginger protects you from swelling, blood clotting, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Also cocoa is one of the excellent additions that you can add to your coffee, as it is considered one of the most important sources of antioxidants that reduce heart disease, and cocoa is distinguished by its delicious taste that will add pleasure to your cup of coffee.

5- Adding milk is better than creamers:

It is recognized that milk contains many nutrients important for building the body and the most important of them is Calcium that is useful to avoid fractures and osteoporosis, so adding milk will be much better than adding artificial creamers that may contain harmful hydrogenated oils.

6- Adding a little sugar:

Adding a lot of sugar to your coffee or drinks in general is an unhealthy habit that should be avoided, because sugar is known as "white poison" due to the many harmful effects it carries to the human body, such as raising the percentage of fructose in the body that causes many diseases, as well as raising the blood sugar level for diabetics, also it’s a major cause of obesity, you can replace normal sugar with powder diet sugar or add honey.

7- Use organic coffee:

Regular coffee differs from organic coffee beans in terms of how it is grown, where the organic coffee beans are planted with therapeutic methods as they are grown in soil which not sprayed with pesticides, so this coffee is healthier to use.

ELARABY Group offers new TORNADO coffee makers that help you get the perfect cup of coffee (Turkish coffee - American coffee - Espresso - Cappuccino - Latte) and you can benefit from the tips we talked about in making your daily coffee cup with a unique and healthy taste and make it useful and free from any disadvantages for your body.

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