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How To Pick The Perfect Tumble Dryer

The Tumble dryer has become one of the most important household appliances in the recent period, particularly in large families, with babies need to change clothes constantly.
And the need increases in the winter specially in the new areas where dust storms could harm laundry, also tumble dryers are useful in case you suffer from allergies because it sanitizes and Dries fabrics without the need for the sun.

How do you choose a tumble dryer that fits your needs?

1- Depending on the nature of use: Candy tumble dryers and Hoover tumble dryers are available in 2 capacities, tumble dryer 8 kg, tumble dryer 10 kg, choose according to your needs or the family size.

2- Available space: Candy Tumble dryers and Hoover Tumble dryers available now with condensers, so now you can buy Tumble dryers with no drainage connections.
If you have the next space, immediately buy candy Tumble dry or Hoover's Tumble dry cleaners.

3- Weekly laundry frequency:
Candy Tumble dryers and Hoover tumble dryers 10 kg would be very ideal in case you do laundry more than 4 times a week.

Best Tumble dryers in the Egyptian market.

Candy Tumble dryers and Hoover Tumble dryers have a great reputation in the Egyptian market, known for their Italian technology used and the compatible prices.
Enhanced with programs for all fabric types; cotton, polyester, colorful, blankets, jeans, etc.
Hoover and Candy dryers also provide programs for sanitizing clothes and sterilization.

More about features and sizes: Hoover Tumble dryers and Candy tumble dryers

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