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Best Tumble Dryer 2019 for your home

The importance of clothes dryer for home

Tumble Dryers are one of the most important modern household appliances that make it easier for housewives, especially new mothers with newborn babies who need to change, wash and dry their clothes regularly. Drying clothes is a difficult task in the winter that requires knowing how to choose the perfect Tumble dryer for your needs.

Here are the best Tumble dryer for your needs.

ElAraby Group offers two types of Candy tumble Dryers with many features including condenser, NFC remote operation and LCD touch screen, it also contains different clothing programs to suit all needs.

Candy is a Front-Loading Dryer with 3 years full free warranty from ElAraby Group. Its prices range from 6 to 8 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Hoover Tumble Dryers Front Loading features a chrome door and a loading range of 8 to 10 kg, It also includes an audio guide, NFC remote driver ,touch screen to show data and malfunctions, and includes a 3-year full free warranty from ElAraby Group.

Best Tumble dryers Features and prices

Hoover Tumble Dryer:

Hoover Tumble Dryer Front Loading 8 Kg HLC8DG-S 

Hoover Tumble Dryer front loading 10 kg DXC10DCE-S 

Candy Tumble Dryers:

Candy Tumble Dryer Front Loading 10 Kg GVSC10DE-S

Candy Tumble Dryer Front Loading 8 Kg CSC8DG-S 

Shop Tumble dryers Online in Egypt

Buy Candy Tumble dryers and Hoover Tumble dryers online from Elaraby Group and discover the best home Tumble dryers, visit Elaraby website now or call the hotline 19319

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