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Advantages of the Nano titanium filter in Hitachi vacuum cleaners

Benefits of the Nano titanium filter:

Air purification using Nano titanium is one of the leading modern technologies used by Hitachi vacuum cleaners, in which a modified Nano titanium catalyst is used, which works to fight bacteria, germs, fungi, allergens, and unpleasant odors. One of the most important characteristics of this filter is that it is anti-allergens as the Nano titanium air purification filter stops the activity of harmful allergens such as dust mites and formaldehyde gas, which may cause allergic diseases such as asthma.

The Nano titanium filter is located behind the motor of the vacuum cleaner, and one of the main reasons for its existence is to filter and sterilize the air leaving the vacuum after the suction process, which may be loaded with some dust or bacteria, The filter purifies the air from bacteria by 99.99%.

Hitachi vacuum cleaners Features:

ELARABY Group offers HITACHI vacuum cleaners through its Showrooms located in many governorates, also they are available online.

The power of HITACHI vacuum cleaners ranges between (1600 to 2300) watts, some also contain a HEPA filter that filters the air entering the motor of the vacuum cleaner to protect the motor from dust. HITACHI vacuum cleaners are one of the modern Japanese industry with a Japanese technology and have a metal telescopic arm and a versatile cleaning brush.
Prices for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner with Nano Titanium Filter range from (2400 to 4600) EGP.

Models with Nano titanium filter:

HITACHI vacuum cleaner 1800Watt with Nano Titanium filter CV-BA18
HITACHI vacuum cleaner 2000Watt with Nano Titanium filter CV-BA20V
HITACHI Vacuum Cleaner 2200Watt, with Nano Titanium HEPA Filter CV-SE22V
HITACHI Vacuum Cleaner 2200Watt, with Nano Titanium Filter CV-BA22V
HITACHI Vacuum Cleaner 2300Watt, with Nano Titanium Filter and HEPA Filter CV-SE23V
HITACHI Vacuum Cleaner 2200Watt, with HEPA Filter and Nano Titanium Filter CV-985DC
HITACHI Barrel Vacuum Cleaner 2300-watt, with HEPA Filter and Nano Titanium Filter CV-995DC

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