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10 Reasons to Wear Hand Watches

Here’re 10 reasons why people love to buy and wear hand watches;

1-Like Parents!

Like father like son, here it goes, most of us typically want to look alike their own parents, so they start to imitate all their deeds, and when it comes to out fits, they choose to were a wrist watches just like their role models.

2-Just a Gift!

Most of us receive hand watches as a gift and prefer to watch it for that reason only, especially if this gifted watch holds a remarkable brand.

3-It’s a Brand!

You might buy a watch with the same budget of a motor bike or a car, just because it’s a brand. May be for a prestigious look or social level. If we say we are what we eat, we can apply it on what we wear.

4-Time Machine!

Obsessed time watchers prefer to wear hand watches. Checking mobile for time isn’t the best practice, unless you would like to show some rudeness deliberately.

5-Accessory Object!

Accessories put more value to our daily outfit some of us would choose wrist watches to add more value to what they wear.

6-The Habit!

Most of us have the habit of wearing wrist watches and when they forget to do, they feel lost!

7-Diving & Gym!

For sports lovers, runners, divers, hand watches is the best tool to acknowledge time, especially in the time of water resistance watches that might reach 10 bars, equal to 100 meters in deep water.

8-Do you know how much is this?

A common reason to buy a hand watch, just to say this statement. A very high hand watch in terms of pricing and look, just to show off how expensive it is.

9-No Reasons!

One of the strongest reasons to buy a watch is having no reasons at all!

10-Remarkable Brand and Convenient Price!

Alba watches succeeded to become that watch with a long history and stable prices. Alba prices is one of the best worldwide brands in watches for over 50 years. Alba watches are now available online through Elaraby Group website with a free to home delivery inside Cairo and soon for all Egypt.

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